Across local, state and federal government, Bastion S&GO has a track record in executing successful campaigns that deliver funding for large-scale infrastructure, unsolicited bids to government and regulatory change.

We believe in providing a point of difference for your organisation to stand out amongst the thousands of lobbyists currently working the corridors of power. We pride ourselves on doing things differently in order to deliver to you an outcome-based relationship with Australia’s political power base.

The point of difference is giving you, the client, an authentic, unmoderated relationship with government.  Bastion S&GO will assist you to refine your objectives, identify your existing and potential networks, mitigate risks and create and implement a strategy that activates relationships across all tiers of government. A relationship with government that is yours, not ours.

Bastion S&GO understands the important role community plays in delivering outcomes for our clients and that each community requires a different form of engagement. The team at Bastion are specialists in complex and challenging community relation projects.

Community can be defined as many things, so when looking to engage it is important that you first define who you are engaging with. We know that communities can be champions or detractors.

Bastion S&GO has developed engagement campaigns based on geographical areas, employee groups and sporting clubs. Each campaign has a specific goal, and each campaign strategy is individually developed.

Bastion S&GO believes communities across Australia, however you define them, are constantly evolving.  As such, no Bastion S&GO community engagement is the same, we take key learning from each campaign and constantly innovate to ensure our engagement is cutting edge and involves an appropriate mix of online and in-person engagement.

Bastion S&GO China Advisory is about unraveling the red tape that can surround doing business in and with China.  A vast and often unforgiving environment, engaging with China requires a careful strategy crafted by experts.

Under the guidance of Bastion S&GO China Advisory, you will be able to develop, resurrect or rescue your China strategy and ensure you have in place the correct processes and protections to deliver your required outcome.  

Our vast experience in dealing with the corporate, digital, sport, agricultural and government sectors allows us to predict and respond to the ever-evolving China landscape.

Our approach is based on a deep understanding of contemporary China underpinned by experience, networks and cultural competency.  Bastion S&GO China Advisory provides the following services:

  1. Engaging the Chinese Australian Market
  2. Developing a Chinese digital strategy 
  3. Localizing and normalising Chinese brands in the Australian market
  4. CQ - Chinese Cultural Intelligence


Engaging the Chinese Australian Market

Before you invest thousands of dollars in developing export processes and additional production lines, it is important that you have a clear understanding of whether your service or product is suited to the Chinese market.

For many Australian businesses, entering the China market is a balance of opportunity and fear. The cost of sending staff, building a physical office and creating demand for your products is, rightly, a costly activity. In China this is further compounded by a complex and rapidly evolving local context. Often the best China strategy is to stay out of China and build your brand, knowledge and demand by engaging with Australia’s local Chinese communities. 

This phased approach we call “crossing the river by feeling the stones” with obvious credit to the late Deng Xiaoping. 

In a 2015 survey, 35% of Chinese luxury shoppers used a daigou (overseas buying agent) with only 7% buying through the official website. In another example, there are over 100,000 registered sellers on Tmall (China’s eBay) for Australian vitamin supplements. 

Utilising the highly active ‘daigou’ market in Australia, Bastion S&GO has developed a product growth strategy that provides assurance for the Chinese market without the need to directly ‘Enter the Dragon’.

Developing a Chinese Digital Strategy

Make no mistake, China is a difficult market and many foreign companies seek a mythical magic formula to unlock success. Recently, Chinese social media has been the latest potion offered to allow entry into China’s economic shangri-la. 

At Bastion S&GO China Advisory we use an integrated approach that doesn’t rely on one platform or application but gives you the tools to apply best digital practice to achieve your business goals. 

Our China digital strategy goes beyond translation and idiosyncratic Chinese and delivers a cost effective approach that ensures you can reach, connect, engage and sell your products and services to the China market – no wizards, or witches required.

Localising and Normalising Chinese brands in the Australian market

Australia is a small, highly regulated and difficult market for most Chinese companies.  Our significance is as a testing ground to refine and define their operations to strengthen their European or North American market operations. Profit is not always the sole reason for Chinese brands establishing Australian operations. There is an increasing number of Chinese companies entering Australia, and Bastion S&GO China Advisory is able to be a trusted adviser by offering guidance and services to help build their networks and brand through engaging the Bastion Collective – this includes government, media, sponsorship and activation as well as reputation management. The ability to bridge both China and Australia and deliver advice in preferred language and Chinese context means Bastion S&GO China Advisory is the preferred agency for Chinese companies looking to localise and normalise their brand in the Australian market. 

Chinese Cultural Intelligence (CQ)

China will be the dominant economy within the next 10 years. Its influence in Australia is undeniable and if you want to take advantage of this opportunity, you need to be able to understand the new global reality –the ability to adapt to different cultural contexts by building your Cultural Intelligence (CQ). This is not about chopsticks, business cards and introductions, it is about constructing a framework of understanding to build, maintain and sustain Chinese relationships in order to secure business. Bastion S&GO China Advisory provides a range of training and executive coaching programs to build the CQ capability of your work force to provide effective risk minimisation in your China activities.